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Who can join KMARC?

All local, licensed amateur radio operators are encouraged to join our club. However, membership is not limited to licensed amateurs. Anyone can join the club. We will do our best to help our unlicensed members get on the air. For more information on how to become a radio operator, visit www.hello-radio.org

Interested in joining?

Membership dues are $15 per year for individuals or $25 per year for a Family Membership (immediate family members only and only primary member has voting rights). Student memberships are also available for $10 per year. If paying by check please make check payable to Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club.  For more information on membership, contact David Pierce, the club Secretary and Treasurer. If you wish to communicate by postal service please send mail to PO Box 2447 Hazard, KY 41702.

Current Members

Call Sign Name
KA4KUC Alvy Albert
AD4DX Willis Asher
WJ4PB John Back
KY4JLB Johnnie Brashear
KY4CAT Ellen Brown
KY4RDB Roland Brown
KJ4ZZN Jack Caudill
WB4NZS Morris Caudill
N8TTR Father Mike Chowning
KJ4FYM Tony Edwards
NQ4C Burl Estep
K4AVX John Farler
W4EJF Ernie Fugate
KM4OPE Michael Fugate
KK4IFF Jimmy Hatton
K4KVN Kevin Hendrickson
AF4YJ Wayne Hensley
KB4ZHK Burt Hurt
KE4LNH Carolyn Hurt
KK4WIH Danny Hurt
KE4FAC Asbel Johnson
KA4AOU Jim Osborne
K4TDO Tim Osborne
KE4OZS David Pierce
K4JNR David Reese
WB4IEA Bob Spurlock
KD4KVC Robin Stacy
KK4AJB Joe Takacs
WD8ING Bob Thompson
KM4OOZ Cory Waddell
KY4DJW Darian Williams