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March Meeting Recap

Roland Brown (KY4RDB, purple shirt) demonstrated a DMR hotspot and the use of a TYT MD-380 radio, at the March meeting of KMARC.  First call made on the MD-380 to Talk-group 3100 (USA NATIONWIDE) received a response from Hams in Arizona, Hawaii, and California.  The audio quality was remarkable!  Look for a DMR repeater soon to be online on Black Mountain in Harlan County, thanks to KY4RDB and Tim Webb (KK4WH).  After the presentation the members present, voted to convert the Yaesu DR-1X repeater over to DMR.  More details to come stay tuned.  KY4RDB will be adding a section to the website about DMR for those members and visitors who wish to learn more about DMR.  Next meeting will be April 3rd @ 6pm, we will have a presentation from Cory Waddell (KM4OOZ) about the Kentucky Medical Reserve Corps (similar to ARES, but not ARES) and opportunities for hams to be engaged with the community by joining it.


About Roland Brown KY4RDB

License: General First Licensed: 08/20/2014 Previous Call: KM4DWD

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